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Birthday #32

Today was a good birthday.

From Facebook messages to cards to phone calls to video chats, I was wished happy birthday by many friends and family today. I appreciate every birthday wish, and I especially enjoyed talking with family from afar.

Here’s an example of some of the fun: I asked Dad to get in the frame so that I could take a birthday photo with the family. This was the progression of photos.


I also came across a picture from six years ago on my TimeHop. It was my first birthday with Emi in the family. Six years later, the family has grown, and I am even happier.


Here’s a collage of photos from the evening. Charles and I went to dinner at Chili’s (a special treat here), and then we window-shopped in the mall. While wandering, we found an arcade and played a few games of air hockey. What a fun evening!


And finally, a very awkward family photo with our sweet pup. See, Emi can take a bad photo.


Thanks to everyone for making it a great birthday!

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