A Strangely Melodious Sound

Friends and Family, I never thought the sound of a toilet filling up with water could sound so beautifully melodious!  Literally minutes after I sent the last email update, I heard the toilet filling up and things happening in the pipes.  I took a normal-length hot shower, and it was glorious!  Seems that the water is back on (at least for now).  PTL for His … Continue reading A Strangely Melodious Sound

Continue to Lift Up Taiwan

Friends and Family, I don’t know what the news is broadcasting in America, but I just wanted to send you a couple of links to news articles about the devastation from the Typhoon in Taiwan.  It is worse than any of us could have imaged.  I am thanking Abba that we are all okay here, especially since Kaohsiung County (where we live) is the place … Continue reading Continue to Lift Up Taiwan

I Wish I Had Time for More…

Dear Friends and Family,

So much has happened during my first two weeks in Taiwan, and I desperately want to share all of my experiences in detail because I wish all of you could be here experiencing everything with me.  I can’t wait to tell you about driving a moldy car with no power steering fluid that broke down in the middle of the road during my first driving experience in Taiwan, or about the small earthquake we experienced on my second night here, or about the barbecued bird we found in my water heater that had a little something to do with my lack of hot water for the first four days living in my apartment, or about all of the details of weathering the worst typhoon to hit Taiwan in fifty years.  Continue reading “I Wish I Had Time for More…”