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Taiwan’s disaster situation has finally made it to the headline story on CNN’s webpage.  Here’s the link:  Petition the Father for these people and communities.

Also, I found an article on our water situation:  Even though we were originally told Thursday, the article says that officials hope to have the water back on within “3 to 7 days” of when it was turned off (Tuesday).  Yikes!  The water is not on now, and it’s 9:46 p.m. on Thursday.  Please lift up this situation.  We are scheduled to start school on Monday, but I think that if the water is not turned on by then, our school water tower will be empty, and I can’t see a way of starting school without water.  Plus, it is very difficult to function normally in a house/town without running water.  I give this to Abba and trust that He knows what is best.

There are four things that are really weighing on me and distracting me from all the work that needs to be done to prepare for school next week:  1) the water supply, 2) my car has been in the shop for two days, and the mechanic doesn’t know how to fix it yet, 3) the details of retrieving the things I shipped (when the container finally comes in), and 4) my furniture situation–the couch I bought did not fit in the elevator, so I have to go back to IKEA to return it the next couple of days.  Please bring these needs before the Father with me.


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