A (Chinese) New Year

Dear Friends and Family,

First, thank you all for your continued prayers.  I encourage you to check my blog site often to read updates and peruse media that will help you to better understand what I’m doing, what things I need prayer for, and what life is like here in Taiwan.

Ian Ullstrom ~ 1992-2010

Ian Ullstrom

Thank you to those of you who prayed for our friend Ian, the young man who had cancer.  Sadly, Ian passed away last night.  A note of praise is that his whole family was there with him.  Also, it is good to remember that after so much physical pain and suffering, Ian is now rejoicing with Jesus in heaven in a new body.  Please continue to pray for Ian’s family and closest friends and for the whole MAK community as we deal with this loss.

Chinese New Year Break

Christel & Leia

Chinese New Year (also known as Lunar New Year) is the most important holiday in Taiwan.  It is comparable to Christmas in the West.  Unlike schools in America, Taiwanese public schools do not have many breaks, but they do get one long break (usually a month to a month and a half long) over Chinese New Year.  At MAK, we follow a western calendar for holidays, but we also get a week off for Chinese New Year.  Today is the last day of the break, and I want to share a little about what Sara and I did during our time off.

Foot Massages!

Sara and I ventured out during the break on numerous occasions.  Before we got the babies, we went to see Avatar in 3D, and we were blown away–what a great film!  Then, we took Leia and Emi (before Sara got Jasper) to a barbecue, and with the two babies we joined our friends at the Wardles’ house for a pancake & bacon dinner, a spontaneous sing-along, and a viewing of a student production of Fiddler on the Roof.  We also went craft shopping with our friend Diana, got foot massages with a group of ladies from school (with the babies in front packs as we sat in the chairs), and did a bit of grocery shopping and tried to take Emi to the vet (the vet was closed).

"Jammies Night"

We also stayed in several days as the weather was atrocious.  From my 12th floor apartment, I could not see past my balconies for a full day; it was like living in a cloud.  One night we had two little girls over for “Jammies Night” (during which we all wore our jammies, ate popcorn and M&Ms, and watched Enchanted).  While staying home we did laundry, played with babies, took naps, entertained a slightly jealous puppy, ate pizza, made homemade cinnamon rolls for the first time ever (scrumptious!), and watched all three extended edition Lord of the Rings movies.  I have to say that this was one of the most fun and relaxing breaks I’ve had in a long time, and it was a joy to share it with little Leia (oh, and Sara and Jasper too :) ).  Check out the pictures below for a visual retelling of our break:


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