A Perspective on Sacrifice

On Sunday morning, I will ride to the high speed rail station with Trena, Holly, and baby Leia to meet Leia’s adoptive parents, David and Kalina.  Holly and Trena are going to let me be the one to hand Leia off to her parents, and I am THRILLED about this as I imagine what joy it will give David and Kalina to finally hold Leia in their arms!  However, I know the moment will be bittersweet since over the past several months, I have spent a lot of one-on-one time with Leia and I have grown to love her. Continue reading “A Perspective on Sacrifice”

Wise Words

I suppose that the juxtaposition of the three posts (Eph. 1, “Nation Shudders” and “Pied Beauty”) are a reminder that when we forget our Creator we begin to lose our ability to understand the meaning of words. Words, like all created things, either find their meaning and beauty in reference to God or become meaningless unless someone “else” helps to provide their interpretation. I wonder, … Continue reading Wise Words