Summer Travels

I will be traveling from June 24-July 29 this summer, and I hope to see as many friends (and of course all of my family) as possible while I am in the States.  Here is my travel itinerary, so please let me know if you’ll be in the same place as me so that we can spend some time together:

June 24:  Leave Taiwan.

June 24:  Arrive in U.S.A.

June 25:  Drive to Lexington, KY.  Arrive in the evening.

June 25-July 3:  Stay in KY with friends.

July 3:  Drive to Richmond, VA.  Arrive in the evening.

July 3-7:  Stay in VA with family.

July 7:  Drive to NJ.

July 7-29:  Stay in NJ with family.

July 29:  Leave U.S.A.

July 30:  Arrive in Taiwan.

See you in the States!!

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