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Taiwan or China?

Taiwan or China? “When thinking about ministry to Chinese people we immediately consider the needs of Mainland China. However, Taiwan is also a Chinese society of over 23 million people.” Before going to Taiwan as a missionary, I was painfully unaware of the great need for Christ in this island country.  Like many other Christians, I wrongly assumed that Taiwan did not have as great … Continue reading Taiwan or China?

Taught & Taught Through

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It is now summer, and I have successfully completed one year of teaching ELL (English Language Learners) in Taiwan at Morrison Academy Kaohsiung.  Recently, many of my blog posts and email updates have been about His Hands Taiwan, an on-the-side ministry in which I’ve been involved.  However, I also want everyone to know more about my primary ministry of teaching missionary kids, other international children, and local Taiwanese students with foreign passports.  Continue reading “Taught & Taught Through”