What You See Is What You Get

Who's driving this thing?!

Traveling to an island just off the coast of our city with my sisters when we see a dog wearing sunglasses and “driving” a scooter.  This is my life. Brain working in overtime because of language barriers every time I venture out of my home to do anything.  This is my life. Being challenged daily as I teach precious kids, many of whom are completely blind to the truth of the Gospel.  This is my life. Living single…and yet up many nights to feed crying infants.  This is my life. Having the first surgery of my life in a foreign country where almost everything about the medical system is different.  This is my life. Being far, far away from the country in which I grew up and the family that I love.  This is my life. And through it all, continually being blessed by seeing God’s hand at work around me.  This is my life. Continue reading “What You See Is What You Get”

Bringing Owen Home

Update (11/7/10)

The Smiths have decided to move to England in order to adopt Owen from there.  Once the Smiths have adopted Owen in England, they will eventually be able to move back to the U.S. and go through the process of making Owen a U.S. citizen.  The great news right now is that the Smith family is together finally! Christine, Mark, and their son came to Taiwan to meet Owen last Monday.  It is so good to think that Owen is finally in the arms of his mom and dad and playing with his big brother.  We have ALL loved him here–in fact, he’s become one of the favorites of our community–and we are so happy to see him reunited with his family. Continue reading “Bringing Owen Home”