Goodbye to the Carlsons

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Tonight we had to say a bittersweet goodbye to an awesome family, but we are so thankful that they will soon be on their way home together.  We love the Carlsons!  It really has been a blessing to get to know this godly, fun-loving, and adventurous couple and to spend time with them during their first weeks with their babies.  Because they were here longer than most of the adoptive families, we truly did get to know them and grow to love them. Mark and Brenda are wonderful parents, and it was a blessing to watch them as they immediately connected with the twins. Continue reading “Goodbye to the Carlsons”

AP’s Reply

Just remembering the time that my favorite musician, Andrew Peterson, responded to what I wrote about his song, “The Reckoning.”  See the highlighted comment.  (I was a giddy schoolgirl when I saw what he wrote…I mean, he’s a master of words, so he couldn’t have given me a higher compliment!  Yes, Andrew, you could have said it better yourself.)  Good times.  Great song. Continue reading AP’s Reply

Lent in Narnia

“Lent in Narnia” This is an article written by one of my college professors, Dr. Devin Brown, and published in Christianity Today online magazine.  Dr. Brown is an incredibly wise man, a profound scholar, and a phenomenal teacher.  I was honored to have him as my advisor and my professor for multiple classes.  My FAVORITE class that Dr. Brown taught was “C.S. Lewis and the Oxford … Continue reading Lent in Narnia

Why I Blog

I just read an interesting article in Christianity Today online magazine.  It’s called “Not Many of You Should Presume to Be Bloggers,” and the author’s perspective is that too many people too often publish their theological (and other) thoughts online without really checking themselves first.  He asserts that “the invention of social media, like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook, created a radical departure in communication.”  His basic argument is that before online social media, only a select group of people were able to publish their thoughts on important issues, but now everyone can publish and seemingly does so.

I have thought a lot about this issue recently, especially in the past year as I have started my own blog and encouraged other friends, family, and students to do likewise.  I have asked myself the questions, “Who am I to have anything worthwhile to share?” and “Who cares what I think?”  I don’t say these things in a self-defeating way or with a sense of false humility.   Continue reading “Why I Blog”