Goodbye to the Carlsons

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Tonight we had to say a bittersweet goodbye to an awesome family, but we are so thankful that they will soon be on their way home together.  We love the Carlsons!  It really has been a blessing to get to know this godly, fun-loving, and adventurous couple and to spend time with them during their first weeks with their babies.  Because they were here longer than most of the adoptive families, we truly did get to know them and grow to love them. Mark and Brenda are wonderful parents, and it was a blessing to watch them as they immediately connected with the twins. We had a tearful goodbye (at least on the part of Brenda and myself), but I am incredibly thankful to know that this is not a forever goodbye. As Brenda so beautifully reminded us, even if we never see each other in Canada or the States or Taiwan (though I plan on making a visit happen!) we will be united eternally in heaven.  What a blessing it is to make new friends and to be bound together by Christ. Blessings to the Carlsons as you travel back to Canada.  We love you, we’ll miss you, and we’ll cherish this friendship…you just better Skype with us so that we can see those two beautiful babies grow up!


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