A New Easter Dress

Actually, my dress was quite old this year.  I don’t have much need for dresses in practical Taiwan, so I just recycled one from a few years ago.  

Who did have new Easter dresses then, you ask?  The babies from His Hands Taiwan, of course!  With only five babies in the nursery at the moment (Kara recently went home to the U.S., and Tiffany was visiting friends in Taichung for Easter), the Hatchlings thought it would be a good idea to get all of them to church on their first Easter Sunday.   Continue reading “A New Easter Dress”

Our Girl is Going Home

This post is a little tribute to Kara, one of our His Hands Taiwan babies who is going home to be with her forever family this week.  We Hatchlings (i.e. Christel, Sara, and Ashleigh) love all the babies at HH, but every adoption situation is different, and sometimes we get to know a baby better.  Over the past 8+ months, Kara has wiggled her petite little way into our hearts.

From Day 1, Baby Ting-Ting (her name before she was referred to her family) knew how to furrow her brows.  Ashleigh’s favorite question to her has always been, “Why so serious?” Continue reading “Our Girl is Going Home”

My First Scooter Ride!

No Hands!

Today, I faced a fear:  riding a scooter in Taiwan.  You see, everyone rides scooters here–everyone but ME, that is.  I’ve been terribly nervous about riding on a scooter, so I’ve avoided them for the last year and a half in Taiwan.  However, I had the opportunity today to go to a lovely little restaurant in the hills with some fabulous friends, I couldn’t pass it up, and the only way to travel the narrow road there was by scooter.   Continue reading “My First Scooter Ride!”