To Market, To Market…Jiggety-Jig

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Ashleigh and I enjoyed a quick trip to the local morning market today.  I don’t shop there as often as I’d like because my Saturdays (the only day I can go since I work during the week) are often busy with other events.  However, I do love the market because of the great prices, the fresh produce, and all the friendly people.  Shopping at the morning market is a unique cultural experience every time.  I hope you’ll get a glimpse of small town Taiwan from this video (below) and the pictures (above).  Enjoy!


5 thoughts on “To Market, To Market…Jiggety-Jig

  1. Wow, it’s so much more open than the markets in Oaxaca. The big market is super crowded too. I think I’d enjoy shopping in your market more than in mine.

  2. Hey Christel,
    Can you ship over some fresh dumplings and maybe a slice of winter melon when you get a chance? Holly and I just watched your morning market video, and guess which video was next on the Youtube list: the one from the Coopers! :-)
    Fond memories,

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