A New Easter Dress

Actually, my dress was quite old this year.  I don’t have much need for dresses in practical Taiwan, so I just recycled one from a few years ago.  

Who did have new Easter dresses then, you ask?  The babies from His Hands Taiwan, of course!  With only five babies in the nursery at the moment (Kara recently went home to the U.S., and Tiffany was visiting friends in Taichung for Easter), the Hatchlings thought it would be a good idea to get all of them to church on their first Easter Sunday.  

We had some help because a 5:3 infant to adult ratio is a little much even for the Hatchlings!  Ruby (also known as Ladbybug), Selah, Lena, Lila, and the little man Jakeb got all decked out in their finest church attire.  (Don’t worry:  we did not put Jakeb in a dress.)  They enjoyed the singing and the sermon and then headed to various homes.  Jakeb spent the day with a friend of ours from church, Ruby hung out with the Muirs, and the other three ladies joined the Hatcher girls for an afternoon of food, naps, and baby photo shoots.  

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I didn’t have a new dress for Easter this year, but I had something better:  the joy of celebrating Jesus’ resurrection with five cuddly little ones.  I know that the babies probably didn’t understand what was going on around them today, but I like to think that we are beginning a legacy of faith for the them as we (the nannies and caregivers) lavish God’s love on them, take them to church, sing them lullabies of “Jesus Loves Me,” and tell them how precious they are in God’s sight.  Today I’m praising God for the gift of His Son, Jesus, for the salvation that He offers to all of us, and for the beautiful lives and future legacies of the children in His Hands.

One thought on “A New Easter Dress

  1. Thank you for taking Selah and the babies to church today–you at HH truly are making a huge contribution to the spiritual development and upbringing of these precious children. The prayers of the nannies, staff and volunteers over the lives of these little children are planting important seeds…seeds that it will be our privilege to water and cultivate one day when they enter our lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! :)

    And thanks for dolling up these cuties– I LOVE it!! So precious :)

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