Pencil Drawings by an Untrained Hand

I’ve always liked art, but when it came time in school to choose music or visual art for electives, I went with chorus.  So, I’ve never had much training in drawing, painting, etc. However, I take pleasure in creating visual art, and a couple of years ago I realized that I really enjoy drawing with pencil.  It’s incredibly relaxing to watch a picture come alive in front of my eyes on the page as I draw, smudge, shade, and erase.  Here are some pencil drawings by my untrained hand. Continue reading “Pencil Drawings by an Untrained Hand”

Would you write that down for me?

This week at my favorite local Thai restaurant, I experienced a first.

Living in a Chinese-speaking country, I am quite accustomed to the frustration of not being able to communicate clearly.  I have a basic knowledge of Mandarin Chinese, but my language acquisition over the past year and a half has been relatively slow.  Because Morrison is a “no Chinese zone” for the students who are supposed to be getting an American education, there is little opportunity (or need) to practice Chinese during my work week. Continue reading “Would you write that down for me?”


When is Ashleigh coming to Taiwan?  Well, according to my iCal, she’s supposed to arrive on Wednesday, April 13.*  However, in true Hatcher fashion (we love surprises!), Ashleigh arrived in Taiwan last night, April 6.  Sara was the only one who knew she was coming, so Sara (and Kara) met Ashleigh at the airport late last night.  Ashleigh showed up at school today during lunch time, and she, Sara, and Kara met me on the stairs. Continue reading “Surprise!”