A Little Piece of Home

I am having a great time traveling through the States and seeing friends and family.  I feel like everywhere I go, I experience a little piece of home.  Taiwan is home now, but so are Wilmore and Lexington, New Jersey and New York, Virginia, and all the people who have been and are a significant part of my life.  If it’s true that “home is where … Continue reading A Little Piece of Home

Summer Album

As my summer kicks into high gear, I’m traveling around the country to visit friends and family.  I’ll be posting pictures and videos to my Dropshots account (and also to Facebook), so be sure to take a look at the snapshots.  Of course, I’ll continue to post the extra special highlights to the blog as well. You can go to http://www.dropshots.com/christeljayne to see my latest uploads. … Continue reading Summer Album


"Directing traffic" after 28 hours of travel from Kaohsiung to New York.

Another school year has passed, and I am home in the States for the summer again.  This year, everything seems a little different:  Sara and Ashleigh are both in Taiwan and not coming home for vacation; Mom and Dad have moved to a different state, so I’m living at “home” in New York for the first time; and now that I’ve spent two years in Taiwan, I find that the adjustment back to U.S. culture is slightly more drastic. Continue reading “Reentry”