“Real Things”

Chuck Colson, one of the current leading thinkers and communicators about biblical Christian worldview, shared some great thoughts today about Christianity and literature in his Breakpoint commentary entitled, “Jesus Christ and Harry Potter.”  Here’s a little teaser of how Colson points out two very different views of Christianity, but I encourage you to read the rest of this short article to understand Colson’s ultimate message: … Continue reading “Real Things”

Blondie Again

For a while now, I’ve been watching my hair turn darker and darker.  I think it’s inevitable that I will have true brown hair within the next couple of years since both of my parents went from blondes to brunettes as they grew older.  However, I’m a blonde at heart, so I thought it would be fun to have some summer highlights at least once more (reminiscent of a couple of times in college).  I talked about going to the salon, but then Mom and I walked through the do-it-yourself hair dye section in Wal-Mart.  I couldn’t very well pass up a chance to spend $6 instead of $60, so I bought a dye kit and made my mom promise to help me. Continue reading “Blondie Again”