I’ve been everywhere, man.

In the past three months…

I traveled back and forth between Taiwan and the United States–a total distance of approximately 24,000 miles–all by myself.

I went “home” to a different state, a different church, and a different (temporary) house.  I am now officially a New York(state)er.

I visited family and friends in 5 different states and 11 different towns or cities all in about three week’s time.  I also realized how blessed I am to still have dear friends from college, from teaching jobs, from churches, from other miscellaneous stops in life, and in my family with whom I can reconnect as if no time has passed. Continue reading “I’ve been everywhere, man.”

Nanmadol Weakening

Check out the following article:  Nanmadol downgraded to tropical storm after landfall in Taiwan – CNA ENGLISH NEWS.  Thank goodness Nanmadol has been downgraded to a tropical storm.  I don’t think we’re completely in the clear yet though since as the article stated, “Southwestern Taiwan is expected to experience increasing rainfall in the coming hours.”  However, I’ll say again that this is NOTHING compared to … Continue reading Nanmadol Weakening