Have you heard of Adolf Hitler?

This is an incredibly thought-provoking video that should inspire and challenge each and every one of us to consider our worldview on some level.  I encourage you to take the time to watch the entire piece and to evaluate your own heart as you watch.

2 thoughts on “Have you heard of Adolf Hitler?

  1. Over fifty years ago Harry Blamires wrote a book entitled “The Christian Mind: How Should a Christian Think?” At that time he made the argument that British Christians had forgotten how to think from a Christian perspective. This video is a powerful example that this is true today in America as well. I know that most of the people interviewed were not Christians but they they represent a society and culture that have been labeled as a Christian society. I think the scary thing about the video is not only the confusion over specific moral issues raised but the inability of most of the people to understand the logical implications of their worldviews. Ideas do matter and the bankruptcy of ideas that many hold with passionate conviction is evident in this video. God help me to think Christianly.

    1. Absolutely, Dad. I am planning to show this video to my 7th grade class. We’ll have time to watch it, and then their homework will be to write a response to the video. The next day, we’ll discuss it in class. I think they will have a lot to think about, and I imagine they will have thoughts flying in every direction. I’m hoping this will be a good and practical look at worldview since we studied worldview at the beginning of the school year. When watching the video, I was particularly saddened by, as you said, most people’s inability “to understand the logical implications of their worldviews” and I hope that I can help my students recognize this as well. I was also somewhat encouraged by those who did change their stance on abortion or salvation after being shown the logical implications of their worldview. Sometimes I feel like there’s no hope to save our dying culture from the road it has chosen, but this gave me a glimmer of hope. I thought this video was quite well done.

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