A Global War on Baby Girls

A short article by Eric Metaxas at Breakpoint caught my attention today. It is entitled “Dictators and Baby Girls,” and it discusses what has been called “a global war on baby girls.” Simply put, this “war” comes in the form of abortions of baby girls in countries where boys are more desirable. Taiwan is referenced in the article as one of the countries where the ratio of girls to boys is seriously skewed. As the article states, “It is estimated that there are 160 million ‘missing’ Asian women. That’s ‘missing’ as in ‘never born.'” This is a reality we know all too well in Taiwan. However, in Taiwan, it is not just girls who are aborted. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that Taiwan has one of the highest abortion rates in the world–an astonishing 3 abortions to every live birth. In the article, Metaxas points us back to the issue of worldview and insists that a warped worldview can cause catastrophe on a global scale. Metaxas says it better than me, so here are his words:

Chuck [Colson] called this dust-up a clear “example of the blinding power of a false worldview” — in this case the unsustainable worldview that sees abortion as an absolute, fundamental woman’s right. Our culture refuses to acknowledge that in the name of “female empowerment,” millions of future women are being eliminated.

Consider your own worldview and critically assess whether you see the world through the lens of Scripture or through the lens of popular culture. Also, please continue to pray for the country of Taiwan and for places like China and India where abortion rates, especially of baby girls, are incredibly high. Pray that God will save the unborn millions who face abortion, and pray for the mothers who must make the difficult and sacrificial choice to give life to their babies.

I hope you’ll take a moment to read the whole article by Eric Metaxas (it’s short!) to understand the enormity of the issue that he is addressing.

One thought on “A Global War on Baby Girls

  1. I think the issue of abortion of girls very sad. To abort a child is always bad. But only because it’s a girl and the social circumstances in favor of this is really terrible!

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