Friends Overseas

It’s a wonderful thing to share life with friends. It’s even more wonderful when friends travel halfway around the world with you to experience your life in another country. In the three years I’ve lived in Taiwan, I’ve had two lovely friends come to visit from America: Sarah (left) and Beth (right). The connection I have with these two is so much stronger because they understand and have experienced my life overseas. Actually, Beth is here right now, and we are having a fabulous time enjoying Taiwan together. Here are a few highlights from our trip so far. Continue reading “Friends Overseas”

12 Days and a Ring on My Finger

The love story that I wrote for myself goes something like this:

Girl attends a Christian college, and becomes friends with a nice Boy (preferably one who is planning to be a pastor and maybe even plays guitar and sings worship songs on the green). Girl and Boy fall in love. Girl and Boy get engaged during senior year (in the spring, when the flowers are blooming and the air smells sweet). Marriage follows soon after graduation, and the Girl and Boy enjoy a blissful life together. 

But my love story went nothing like that. Continue reading “12 Days and a Ring on My Finger”