Friends Overseas

It’s a wonderful thing to share life with friends. It’s even more wonderful when friends travel halfway around the world with you to experience your life in another country. In the three years I’ve lived in Taiwan, I’ve had two lovely friends come to visit from America: Sarah (left) and Beth (right). The connection I have with these two is so much stronger because they understand and have experienced my life overseas. Actually, Beth is here right now, and we are having a fabulous time enjoying Taiwan together. Here are a few highlights from our trip so far.

Taiwanese Cuisine Extravaganza!

One of our favorite pastimes in Taiwan is eating. =D There is so much great food, and most of it is incredibly inexpensive. I’ve been introducing Beth to my favorite dishes, and so far, she’s enjoying it all. (She’s a great traveler and an easy guest!) We’ve also done a bit of cooking together at home incorporating fresh ingredients from the morning market. The following are some of the food highlights from our week in Taiwan.

Taipei Travel

Beth and I went to Taipei for a day; it was a full sixteen hours of traveling via trains, buses, taxi, the subway, and lots of walking, and I now feel like I can write a book on transportation. We spent lots of time looking at maps and signs and trying to figure out how to get around (and if you know me, you’ll understand the look of concentration and confusion on my face in the picture below).

We visited the National Palace Museum and the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial, shopped at the Taiwan Handicraft Mart, and got a bird’s eye view of Taipei from the 89th floor of the second tallest building in the world, Tapei 101. The weather was gorgeous, and the day was incredibly memorable.

One of Beth’s students in Kentucky last year was an exchange student from Taipei. We made plans to meet this student and her family, and they took us out for an amazing, 12-course Japanese meal.

We couldn’t help but document the event with pictures of the delicious (and gorgeous!) food.

We definitely had some moments of silliness during our time in Taipei (no surprise there!), and of course we got pictures.

His Hands Happiness

One of my favorite parts of life in Taiwan is being a part of the ministry, His Hands Taiwan. Today, I took Beth over to the nursery, and we enjoyed some time snuggling with the little ones. We took lots of pictures of these cuties. I love His Hands!

It’s been a great visit so far, and Beth doesn’t leave for another week. I can’t wait to make some more memories!

* * *

To read more about our adventures together, check out More Moments with Beth in Taiwan.

7 thoughts on “Friends Overseas

  1. I love His Hands!! We keep watching them in hopes that they will take applications again. I want to know what your favorite dishes are! Next blog post idea? :)

  2. What would you think if I wanted to come and visit? Reading this makes me want to! I miss you too much! Love you! :)

      1. Yeah, I know this will be your last year there. But I am seriously considering a trip to visit you if I can make enough money! :)

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