Worldview is like…

In my 7th grade Bible class, we are learning about worldview. Here are some of the questions we’ll raise and answer during this unit:

What is worldview? What questions do all major worldviews answer? Where does a person’s worldview come from? What is my own worldview? What is a biblical worldview?

To begin, we talked about worldview being like the lenses through which a person sees the world, and we defined worldview as “the sum total of a person’s beliefs about the world” (from Chuck Colson’s How Now Shall We Live? workbook). Here are some students helping me with my “lenses” illustration:

Then I asked groups of students to think of illustrations (similes, really) of worldview. I prompted them, “If someone asked you, ‘What is worldview?’ you would say, ‘Worldview is like…’ what?” The answers from the groups were so clear and clever that I created a little poster to put up in the classroom to help us remember the illustrations. I’m not nearly as proud of the poster as I am of my students. Take a look at what they had to say:

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