See ya, Tembin

After a night of high wind and some rain, we awoke to a calm and quiet scene in Dashe, Kaohsiung this morning. Where did the typhoon go? Beats me! The radar still shows it hovering over Taiwan, but when I look out my window, the scene is completely tranquil.

Perhaps we’ll still get some rain this weekend, but so far this is exactly the opposite of what forecasters have been calling for all week. So, this is the last typhoon post from me for a while. I’m sorry that there’s no exciting video to share, but I’m overjoyed that I’m not spending the day keeping water out of my house. It’ll be on to a lovely and much-desired 3-day weekend for me now. Time to catch up on some emails, read, and just enjoy the quiet of my home. But before I go, let me give credit where credit is due.

Prayers Answers

This storm could have been devastating or at least exhausting. In fact, it should have been. Yet, God controls the weather, and for some reason He chose to spare us from the storm this time. I haven’t heard any updates about the eastern areas or the mountainous regions of Taiwan, so continue to lift up those who are still in precarious situations. I am so thankful for the prayers of friends and family because I do believe God answered those specific prayers. I am also grateful to be able to trust in a God who creates the powerful storms in the ocean and also has the power to move them where He wants them to go.

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