Back By Popular Demand

Perhaps that title is a little deceiving…in a couple of ways.

  1. I am NOT referring to Typhoon Tembin being back by popular demand, although this post is about the typhoon’s probable second bashing of Taiwan.
  2. am talking about my meteorologist wannabe posting frenzy, but I don’t actually believe that the general public is clamoring for my return in this writing arena. :)

So, why am I writing this? Again, a list of two.

  1. Because although my city was not hit by the last typhoon, other areas to the south of us were struck full-force, and I’d like to let people know about the destruction and how to pray.
  2. Because I love weather (storms, really), and I want to keep you in the loop about Tembin’s possible second go at us. I’ve never seen a typhoon do something this interesting, so part of me can’t wait to see what the weather over the next few days holds. However, I’m also keenly aware that if the storm charges Taiwan again, it could be dangerous for us in Kaohsiung and for many others, especially in the southern cities.

Typhoon Tembin: Round 1

On its first go around, Tembin swept to the south of us and felt like little more than a rainy day in Kaohsiung. I wish the same could be said for areas like Hengchun and Kenting. Here’s a short video to show some of what they faced:

In a matter of about 15 hours, the southern cities of Hengchun and Kenting (where many people–including me–go to vacation at the beach) accumulated approximately 23 inches of rainfall. News reports say that the amount of rain from Tembin breaks rainfall records for southern Taiwan for the last 100 years.

Here are a couple more articles that are worth reading about the devastation and destruction caused by Tembin in the south of Taiwan. Please pray for the people who are still recovering from the storm’s impact there.

Typhoon Tembin: Round 2

The really crazy thing about this storm is that it is now lingering in the sea just southwest of Taiwan’s coast, and it will probably do a U-turn and pass back over us sometime around Tuesday. This is due to Typhoon Bolaven raging out at sea to the north of Taiwan and the Fujiwhara Effect (see my previous post to learn about this phenomenon). It is worth noting that Typhoon Bolaven is a huge and powerful storm that is barreling toward Okinawa, Japan right now, and I’m sure the small island could use our prayers as well.

Here’s the predicted path of Tembin over the next few days:

If the storm does follow the projected path, I see a couple of issues about which to pray:

  1. The storm will most likely run across southern Taiwan again, so this means a second pummeling for the already water-logged and beaten-down Hengchun, Kenting, and surrounding areas. Pray for the safety of people there and for their homes and livelihoods.
  2. The eye of the storm could cross over Kaohsiung, so please be in prayer for everyone here as well. Usually storms coming from the east hit the mountains first and are slowed and weakened before getting to us. If the storm does hit us from the south, there’s nothing to protect us from the full impact of the wind and rain.

Thanks for reading, and I’ll try to keep you posted regardless of whether the storm hits Taiwan or not. In the meantime, here’s one more good article to read: “Taiwan braces for return of Typhoon Tembin” ~ The Sun Daily.

Thank you for your prayers!

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