Hurricane Sandy vs. The Trees

New Jersey is not known for its hurricanes. In fact, NJ was a really nice place to grow up partly because we never worried about tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, or usually even blizzards (except for the Blizzard of ’96 which I remember vividly…). Yet, New Jersey, New York, and surrounding areas got hammered by Hurricane Sandy over the last two days. Continue reading “Hurricane Sandy vs. The Trees”

Biblical Womanhood–Really?

The book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood, was published yesterday, and it is sure to cause a stir in Christian circles. I have not read the book, and based on the reviews and criticism I’ve seen of it, I do not plan to waste my time on it. Here are two well-written reviews of this book that seems to be a theologically unstable, relativistic, and inaccurate treatment of biblical womanhood:

A Year of Biblical Womanhood: A Review –

From the review: “At its root this book questions the validity of the Bible. And denying the inerrancy and sufficiency of Scripture is a denial that will ultimately erode the gospel of our Savior.” Continue reading “Biblical Womanhood–Really?”

Fix My Gaze

Tonight, I need Jesus. I feel the ache of longing, of needing to belong, of reaching out to connect with Someone in this universe, of yearning to be covered by the healing balm of God’s love and peace.

I’ve always loved the poem, “A Noiseless Patient Spider,” by Walt Whitman. In it, the speaker captures what I believe is the cry of every soul: to fling out a thread (like the spider spinning her web) that will catch somewhere, that will bridge the gap from one heart to another, that will connect to something outside of itself in this world.

Continue reading “Fix My Gaze”


I love blogging, and I think I’ve fooled myself into imagining that I’m writing my own little magazine publication of thought-provoking articles sprinkled with interesting personal anecdotes. When I write, I dream that it means something, that I’ll get lots of visits to my blog, and that “my readers” (that imaginary group of people sitting by their computers just waiting for my next post) will gain something from the time they spend at Peace Along the Journey.

Tonight, I’m ditching all of that. I’m in need of a good dose of online journaling, a flashback to the days of Xanga and the therapeutic act of sharing my thoughts just because they can’t stay in my head any longer. Continue reading “Lonely”