A Taste of Home

applesauce strainerI love applesauce. In our home when my sisters and I were growing up, we always had a freezer full of homemade applesauce, enough to last all year. Applesauce-making was an all-day family event, and Mom had some special gadgets (like the old-fashioned strainer on the right) to speed up the process.

When I moved to Taiwan, I could not find applesauce in stores anywhere, and I did not have Mom’s “fancy” tools which I thought I needed in order to make my own. So, for a year or two, I was deprived of applesauce altogether. When my longing for the delectable treat finally peaked, I decided to check online to see if there was an easy recipe for homemade applesauce.


I can’t believe I didn’t explore my applesauce-making options sooner! Applesauce is so easy to make, and though mine isn’t exactly like Mom’s, it’s delicious! (One key difference is that Mom never added cinnamon, but I do).

I thought it would be good to have some applesauce on hand for holiday meals in the next few weeks, so I made a batch tonight. In the midst of the cooking, I snapped a few pictures in order to document my process. The process is as simple as the photos. Enjoy!


Thanks, Mom, for inspiring and teaching the girls and me to do things on our own in the kitchen and around the home. I feel well-equipped to make and keep a home because of you!

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