{Foreigner in Formosa} English Practice

“Foreigner in Formosa” is a new series of short posts I’ll be writing about all the things I find winsome, intriguing, and delightful about Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa, meaning “beautiful island” in Portuguese). I aim to show little glimpses of Taiwan with a picture here or an anecdote there, simply sharing life as it comes. I hope you’ll enjoy each new view of this unique and beautiful island. 

English Practice

Laura and I frequent a roadside stand that sells the best fried chicken, fried squid-on-a-stick, and sweet potato fries in the world (hyperbole? no). Last night when we stopped by, there was a mom with her two boys there, and this mom desperately wanted her older son to practice English with us. “My name is Gary. I am 8 years old. My English teachers are…” went his little speech. After we talked for a while (and she kept turning him around and telling him to say something else to us), he asked if he and his brother could have a picture taken with us. We got one with our camera too. Oh, the life of a foreigner in Taiwan. =D


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