{Foreigner in Formosa} Heavenly Hot Pot

Last night, my friend and I went to a hot pot restaurant in town. There are lots of places in Taiwan that serve hot pot; many restaurants offer it as a menu option alongside noodles, dumplings, and other delicacies. At those restaurants, you order a set meal of raw items that come with a boiling pot of broth over an individual burner, and you cook the items in the broth as you please. Many people enjoy ordering hot pot at restaurants like these, but I tend to reserve my hot pot orders for places like the restaurant my friend and I went to last night.

The restaurant we visited is called Shabu-Shabu, and it’s a chain buffet hot pot place. At Shabu-Shabu, you begin by picking your soup or broth. I went with “Health Chicken Soup” (not a typo on my part), and my friend got a tomato soup base for hers. Continue reading “{Foreigner in Formosa} Heavenly Hot Pot”