{Foreigner in Formosa} Green Tea is Everywhere

All I have to say is: I bet you don’t have green tea flavored waffle bowls at the Cold Stone Creamery in your area. Well, I do.

green tea cold stone

And here’s a green tea Kit Kat bar!

green tea kit kat

There are many varieties of green tea drinks in Taiwan (of course), there are green tea shaved ice treats, and many candies are green tea flavored as well. You can even get green tea ice cream at McDonald’s (and red bean pie right alongside the traditional apple, but that’s a whole other tale).

In Taiwan, green tea is everywhere!

“Foreigner in Formosa” is a series of short posts about all the things I find winsome, intriguing, and delightful about Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa, meaning “beautiful island” in Portuguese). If you liked this post, take a look at some others in the series.

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