{Segue} The Limbo

When I was in 6th grade, I won a limbo contest while dressed as Cleopatra during our middle school Halloween dance. I hiked up my golden skirt, tipped back my snake-crowned head, and went as low as I could go. It would have been better only if I could have accomplished the feat in my youngest sister’s hot air balloon costume which. was. epic. (Bonus: Can you guess what the other Hatcher sis was dressed as?)

HalloweenI still glory in the memory of my victory, but sadly that 6th grade dance was the peak of my limbo prowess. Continue reading “{Segue} The Limbo”

Convenience Confirmed

From the article, “Taiwan’s Convenience Stores Have Everything You Need”: “A recent online survey shows that each of these shops offered an average of 300 to 700 services to customers. You can literally do anything in a convenience store [in Taiwan].”  Yes, yes, yes! This is what I’ve been trying to explain to my friends back home for the last four years. I love Taiwanese convenience … Continue reading Convenience Confirmed