Post-Wedding Update

Charles and I have been married for almost two weeks, and we’re having a blast. We spent our honeymoon in NY state, and since then we’ve traveled to Virginia for my grandmother’s 90th birthday party (and Charles’ 31st birthday on the same day!), and now we’re in South Carolina spending time with Charles’ parents.

We’ve been busy busy busy, and it won’t be stopping any time soon. We return to Taiwan on July 22, and we’ll face an apartment full of boxes to unpack. We’re excited about getting into our new home and beginning to settle. I am hoping to write more updates soon, but for now the posts will be brief. I miss writing, especially when I have so many things to write about! It’s too bad that when the writing material is plentiful, the free time is usually limited.

In wedding news, our photographer just posted some of her favorite shots from the wedding on her website ( We’ll be getting the rest of our photos from her next week before we return to Taiwan, but for now we wanted to share this wonderful preview!

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