Creamy Delicious Potato Soup

IMG_0546I’m 30 years old, and I’ve never cooked soup in my life.

Until today.

My father will be proud. I grew up eating all sorts of delicious soups made with love and creative inspiration by my dad. I didn’t like soup when I was younger, but Dad was persistent enough to instill a love of soup in me. Add post-college lunch dates at Panera Bread, and I’m a real soup fan now.  Continue reading “Creamy Delicious Potato Soup”

Our Cozy Abode

During this Fall Break (a glorious week off from school), many of our Morrison staff friends headed to the beach or the mountains and enjoyed the beauty of Taiwan. We spent our time at home and at IKEA, choosing furniture to add to our collection, unpacking the final boxes that were cluttering our rooms, organizing and reorganizing every nook and cranny in order to store everything in this closet-less apartment, and leveling, drilling holes, and hanging decorations on all the walls. While it wasn’t a vacation at the beach, it was a much needed time for getting our home in order, and I am so happy that it is finished! Sure, we have a project or two to complete, but the house is “together” enough for me to feel settled. For all of our friends and family that won’t be here to view our apartment in person any time soon, here’s a look at our cozy abode. Continue reading “Our Cozy Abode”