A Surprising Friendship


I have been trying to write this post for months. Because I care so much about the story, I want the post to be perfect. Because I want perfection, it’s very difficult to write. I think I’ve finally settled for less-than-perfect-but-at-least-published. I hope you’ll catch a glimpse of my heart as you read.

Photo Aug 10, 10 46 15 AMA Little History

Just over a year ago, I wrote a post entitled “Chinese Cheers” in which I described a favorite local restaurant and my desire to get to know the owners there better. Continue reading “A Surprising Friendship”

Pasta and City Life

Country Girl

I’ve never been a city girl. I relish the quiet of the suburbs and the rolling hills of the country. I loved living in Kentucky with big blue open skies and tall trees and lush green (blue)grass. I also adored my apartment in Dashe (Taiwan) with the view to beat all views: skyscrapers and pineapple fields, highway lights and swaying palm trees, all at the perfect distance from my hilltop-perched apartment. Continue reading “Pasta and City Life”

A Visit With Sisters

My sisters, Sara and Ashleigh, came for a visit to our home in Taichung over the New Year holiday. This was a special time because my sisters were our first house guests in our new place, and having family here made our apartment feel more like home. My sisters brought with them the two little ones that they are fostering, so it was a full house for sure! Continue reading “A Visit With Sisters”