A Visit With Sisters

My sisters, Sara and Ashleigh, came for a visit to our home in Taichung over the New Year holiday. This was a special time because my sisters were our first house guests in our new place, and having family here made our apartment feel more like home. My sisters brought with them the two little ones that they are fostering, so it was a full house for sure!

New Year’s Eve

On New Year’s Eve, we spent some time at the playground and walking around a park near our apartment. We also had some laughs and fun at home. We watched part of The Two Towers movie since Ashleigh has never seen the whole Lord of the Rings series (I know, what?!). We made our favorite party snacks: pizza dip and a cream cheese ball. We were all pretty exhausted, but we managed to stay up until midnight, and we caught a nice fireworks show from our 11th story balcony. We also got to video chat with my parents as we rang in the new year. This was a great way to begin 2014!

The First Day of 2014


On New Year’s day, Charles and I introduced our favorite local breakfast place to my sisters, and they enjoyed it as much as we do! We also went exploring in Taichung a bit. Ashleigh had previously visited the GaoMei Wetlands, and she thought it would be a fun place to see together. She was right! We had an enjoyable walk, and we took some interesting photos. It was pretty cold with the wind whipping across the flatlands, so we didn’t stay very long. On the way home, we enjoyed some passion fruit shaved ice dessert. Then we had a nice dinner at T.G.I. Fridays. We tried to go to a favorite family restaurant for dinner, but the place was closed, and we were so bummed! Still, Fridays was a nice treat.

The End

The girls drove back to Kaohsiung this evening after dinner, so the house seems unusually quiet. We had a wonderful visit, and though I wish my sisters could have stayed longer, I’m thankful for the time I had with them.

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