My Beloved Students

Today, I went to school to say goodbye to my beloved senior students on their last day of class. Though I didn’t teach them for the full year, I love them with my full heart. I will be praying for each of them as they embark on the next part of their journey. My prayer is that God works in them and through them and that He draws them ever closer to Himself. They are some amazing young people, and I just can’t wait to see what God is going to do with their lives.

Class Photos

6th Period 7th Period 8th Period

One sweet student missed the picture, so I took one with just her:


You Can Do This!

I asked students for senior photos, and I received many today. I plan to put them up on a bulletin board next year so that I can remember to pray for these students. Each year, I hope to add more as my graduates come and go.

One student gave me a beautiful clay marker that she made in art class. It says, “You can do this!” in Tagolag, her native language from the Philippines. What a special gift!


Senior Balloon Release

At the end of the last day of class at Morrison Academy, it is tradition for the senior class to release balloons into the air to symbolize that they have finished their high school career. Here are some photos and video of…



And After the Balloon Release.

And here’s the video!

A Fond Farewell

Though this has been a difficult year for me personally, my wonderful students (seniors AND freshmen) were never part of the problem. In fact, my biggest sadness was that I couldn’t finish the year out with them all. Freshmen, I’ll see you next year. Seniors, I hope you come back to visit because you will be sorely missed. To ALL of my students that read this blog post, know that I love you.

3 thoughts on “My Beloved Students

  1. Thanks for the video. It was emotional for me to watch, thinking about how all their lives will be changing in the next few months, leaving the safety of the familiar and going into the unknown. I am thankful that HE will be watching over each of them.

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