Two Weeks in China

**While most posts on my blog are intended for general audiences, this one is written more for family and friends who know me. Just FYI.**

This summer has flown by! I’ve saved up stories for a blog post about our travels to visit family and friends in New Jersey, Virginia, and South Carolina, but I’m not sure when I’ll have time to write/post it. Suffice it to say, Charles and I have had an encouraging and joyful time with family and friends all up and down the east coast.

This post is just a quickie to let you know what is next for us in our summer plans. We have shared this news by word of mouth with many people, but this is the first time we’re publicizing it on the web.

Charles and I are going to China for two weeks of teaching and serving at Vacation Language School. We will be in two major cities in China, working for a week at a time to teach students English while using stories from the Good Book. We are REALLY excited about this opportunity to introduce our Dad to others.

We ask that you will lift us up as you think of us for the next few weeks–we’ll be in China from July 11 until July 30 when we’ll fly back to Taiwan (counting weekends and a few days for sight-seeing, the trip is actually almost three weeks long). I am particularly trusting that Dad will help me to survive and thrive during this trip in the midst of the depression and anxiety I’ve been experiencing. This is a big step of faith on my part, and I know that if this trip goes well, it will be because of Dad’s strength and not mine.

Please lift us up as you think of us. We are hoping that Dad will work in mighty and even surprising ways in and through us. I will be writing/journaling as often as I can, but I probably won’t post anything until we get back to Taiwan. We’ll probably have less access to social media as well, so if you don’t hear from us until August, you’ll know why. Thanks for keeping us in your minds and hearts as we make this journey.

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