China Update 2

Today was day #3 of English Language Camp, but it was only my first full day. Let me explain.

On Monday, I awoke with strong feelings of anxiety, and a rough day followed. I asked another team member to teach my English class for me because I just wasn’t ready to be back in the classroom. I went to camp because Charles strongly encouraged me to go, but I had a really hard day and left shortly after lunch. That evening, I decided that I needed a day to rest and talk to Dad, so I planned to stay home on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I stayed home from camp and rested at the hotel. I spent time in conversation with Dad, and I asked “why?” a lot. Why am I here on this trip? What am I supposed to be learning? I’m having such a hard time, so what is my purpose? I’m still waiting on answers to those questions, but I did get a very clear sense from Dad yesterday that I am here for a purpose even though I might not know what it is yet. Continue reading “China Update 2”