China Update 2

Today was day #3 of English Language Camp, but it was only my first full day. Let me explain.

On Monday, I awoke with strong feelings of anxiety, and a rough day followed. I asked another team member to teach my English class for me because I just wasn’t ready to be back in the classroom. I went to camp because Charles strongly encouraged me to go, but I had a really hard day and left shortly after lunch. That evening, I decided that I needed a day to rest and talk to Dad, so I planned to stay home on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I stayed home from camp and rested at the hotel. I spent time in conversation with Dad, and I asked “why?” a lot. Why am I here on this trip? What am I supposed to be learning? I’m having such a hard time, so what is my purpose? I’m still waiting on answers to those questions, but I did get a very clear sense from Dad yesterday that I am here for a purpose even though I might not know what it is yet.

Today, Wednesday, I went to camp and managed to help with the English teaching. PTL for that! The other team member has graciously agreed to take the lead this week, but it is good for me to be taking steps back into the classroom. I had fun working with the high schoolers, and it was a good day overall. I am exhausted now, but I am so thankful that I had a victory in making it through a full day of camp today.

A praise is that the camp has been going quite well every day (even though things have been tough for me). We have a small group of around fifty students, and our team is only seven foreigners plus several local workers. Things have been going smoothly, and Dad has been meeting our needs and answering our requests daily. We are sensing His presence during the camp.

Please continue to lift us up as we serve here in China. We are thankful for this opportunity, and we are waiting expectantly to see all that Dad has for us.

Fun note: Last night, we went to the night market as a whole group, and that’s where we found our dinner. Even though the market was crowded, it was a good experience to go with the team and get to know them a little better. Plus, I ate scorpion (on a stick) for the first time, so that was a fun experience. Videos to follow when I get back to Taiwan!

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