China Update 3

A lot has happened since I last wrote about Charles’ and my experiences in China. This will be a rather personal update, so I hope you will talk to Dad on our behalf as you read.

Last time I wrote, I had a good day at camp and made it through a teaching session. After that, things got rocky again, and I didn’t make it back into the classroom. I did go to the camp, interact with the kids on an informal level, and participate with the team, but I didn’t teach my own class.

On Friday morning, my dad emailed to suggest a new course of action since the camp thing was obviously causing major anxiety for me. Charles and I talked about whether I should leave China early to head back to Taiwan, but that didn’t seem like the best course of action. Charles felt led to stay in China for the second week of camp, and I didn’t want to take that away from him by making him return to Taiwan early (and I didn’t feel like I could go by myself). We did, however, decide that I should be free of any responsibilities during this second week of camp so that I could spend time resting in the hotel and doing only as much as I feel comfortable with regarding the camp. Continue reading “China Update 3”