It’s Saturday morning, and I’m sitting on the couch balancing my Macbook and my dog Emi on my lap. I can’t help but think how thankful I am for this little pup and her companionship over the last five years.

IMG_0610I’ve been thinking a lot about thankfulness over the past few days. I recently read Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Giftsand I was overwhelmed by the attitude of thankfulness (eucharisteo) that the author exhibited and challenged readers to embrace as well. The most significant take-away for me was that in Scripture thankfulness always comes before the miracle. In other words, we are to be thankful–whether in good circumstances or bad–because a thankful heart allows us to pay attention to the miracles–big or small–that God performs in our lives.

This was a bit of a tough week emotionally for me. I realized that I’m not completely healed yet from anxiety and depression. I also realized that that’s okay, and it will still take time for me to get back to normal, though I am feeling more like myself than I have for a while. I also began to think of all the things for which I am thankful in my life, and I wanted to share them with you. Of course, there are too many to list on one blog, so these are just a few highlights that have come to mind recently. In no particular order…

I am thankful for the technology that allows me to keep in touch and communicate face-to-face with family and friends across the globe. This week, I got to FaceTime with my Nannie who is 91 years old. It was a very special experience.

IMG_0256I am thankful for my husband who is my rock, my encourager, my companion, and my love. He has been a phenomenal support during our first year of marriage, especially as I have gone through some very challenging experiences. I love him so much; he is an amazing man who (amazingly!) loves me too.


I am thankful for the Word of God that encourages, instructs, convicts, and soothes the soul. I have been doing my devotions more faithfully, and I am finding healing and encouragement from the Scriptures.

“Why am I so depressed?
Why this turmoil within me?
Put your hope in God, for I will still praise Him,
my Savior and my God.” ~ Psalm 42:5

I am thankful for my itty bitty kitchen and the “cooking therapy” that I can experience there. I enjoy cooking and baking when I have time, and I’m starting to get back into it after a long hiatus during my illness. Yesterday, I made a coffee cake that was mmm mmm good.


I am thankful for my students. I am getting to know this year’s class, and I love them. For ten years, God has given me the pleasure of being a teacher and mentor to these young souls. As each year goes by, these students become my children. I have a lot of kids!


I am thankful for literature (fiction and non) and the ability to read, to escape, to learn, to question, and to grow. I have some great reads on my list right now!

IMG_3134I am thankful for my counselor and friend, Sharon, who has helped me through this season of struggle. I love her heart for helping others and her passion to serve missionaries in Taiwan. She is a blessing.

IMG_6782 - Version 2

I am thankful to be a part-time teacher this year. I haven’t had to take any work home yet which is a miracle in and of itself. Yesterday, I had time during my prep period to sit in my new comfy chair and read The Discarded Image by C.S. Lewis as preparation for teaching Medieval and Renaissance literature. I never would have had time for that before this year. I love teaching high school English, and I love being part-time!


There are SO many more things for which I am thankful (family and friends especially!). As I made this list, I began to realize that perhaps I should make this a “part one” and plan to continue the list on separate posts later. I think I’ll do that. =)

Just for fun, here’s a picture of the writing setup I mentioned earlier:


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