Getting to Know the Neighborhood

We live downtown in Taichung, Taiwan in an area that is close to just about everything. The hospital where we get our medications and see our doctors is a walk away. We have a pretty little park around the corner. There are bakeries and tea shops, clothing stores and hair salons, grocery stores and restaurants on every street and side alley.

Because there is so much packed into a tight area AND because we don’t read Chinese or even speak it very well, it’s taking us quite a while to really get to know the neighborhood. It’s always fun when we find a new place that fits us. Just last week, we found two new places to add to our list of regulars.  Continue reading “Getting to Know the Neighborhood”

A Stellar Staycation

This past week, Charles and I had off from school for Fall Break. We originally contemplated going to the beach but eventually decided that we’d rather take a “staycation” by staying home and doing things we enjoy. We were able to take it easy but also accomplish some tasks and errands. We did laundry, cleaning, and shopping, Charles spent two days working uninterrupted at school, and I completed a much-needed reorganization of the pantry/laundry room/tool cabinet/cleaning closet/etc. room in our house. We had fun playing games together, watching episodes of our favorite TV shows, spending time with Emi, taking a walk in the local park, video chatting with friends and family, going out to eat, and doing our “own thing” like reading for me or playing computer games for Charles. All in all, it was just what we needed and was a stellar vacation! Continue reading “A Stellar Staycation”