Getting to Know the Neighborhood

We live downtown in Taichung, Taiwan in an area that is close to just about everything. The hospital where we get our medications and see our doctors is a walk away. We have a pretty little park around the corner. There are bakeries and tea shops, clothing stores and hair salons, grocery stores and restaurants on every street and side alley.

Because there is so much packed into a tight area AND because we don’t read Chinese or even speak it very well, it’s taking us quite a while to really get to know the neighborhood. It’s always fun when we find a new place that fits us. Just last week, we found two new places to add to our list of regulars. 

Hair wash, cut, and style, please…

The first is a hair salon where I got a relaxing hair wash and a great cut with a friend. My friend was visiting for the night, and we decided to look for a good hair wash place. The hair washes in Taiwan are long and extremely relaxing. People go to salons just for the hair wash and style, not even to get their hair cut. My friend and I did end up getting our hair cut though, and let’s just say that I’ll be going back to the same place. Success!

Yum, yum, yummy!

The second place is a restaurant. We have many, MANY restaurants and food carts of every caliber and style of Chinese, western, and other ethnic food in the area. The hard thing is that since we can’t read Chinese, we can’t read menus. Bummer. Charles and I had passed by this particular restaurant quite often on our way to other places in the neighborhood, and while we thought it looked good (packed with people is always a good sign) and smelled delicious, we weren’t sure that we’d be able to order. We stopped by on a whim while out one day last week, and we were surprised and excited to find they have an English menu. Better yet, the food was AMAZINGLY tasty. We will definitely be going back. Soon. And often.

It is really exciting to be getting to know the neighborhood even if it slowly and just a little bit at a time. A year ago, I really didn’t like living in the city, but I am learning that it truly does have its perks.

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