Tropical Oasis in a Concrete Jungle

I’ve mentioned before that I don’t really like living in the city. Yes, I’ve learned to truly appreciate the convenience of being able to walk most places, but I will never get used to gazing out our living room windows at the tile facade of another high rise. I miss the green of trees and grass and the blue of an open sky.

Last year when my parents were visiting us in Taiwan, they took a walk one afternoon by themselves and ventured into a beautiful park about a mile from our apartment. Charles and I had driven past the location many times, but since the park is surrounded by a high wall, we didn’t know what was inside. My parents described it as a small tropical oasis in the midst of our concrete jungle. Until today, Charles and I never took Mom and Dad’s advice that we should visit this little pocket of nature. Oh, how I wish we had gone sooner!

The park is the size of a full city block, and there are many little trails and paths to walk within its walls. Near the middle of the park, there is a large tropical greenhouse that has various lovely and exotic plants and several small waterfalls. The entire park is beautifully landscaped and is a very quiet and calming place to visit. Charles and I will definitely be making our way there again whenever we are craving a little bit of natural beauty.

I enjoyed taking photos during our short excursion. Here are some my favorites.

Also, enjoy this short video that we took inside the greenhouse to experience the sound of the rain and waterfalls. All that’s missing is the feel of the heat and humidity!

One thought on “Tropical Oasis in a Concrete Jungle

  1. Thank you for sharing the photos. They bring back wonderful memories of our last visit with you guys. Places like this, whether completely natural or protected within city walls, provide balm for our worried hearts. Jesus reminds us of the calming influence of such places in Matt. 6:25-33. “Do not worry…, look at the birds…, see the lilies.” I pray that you will continue to discover such oasis for the soul while living in the city. Thanks again for sharing the pictures. They, too, have a calming effect.

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