We Bought a House!!

Today was a big day for the Prezalors! We bought a house! We haven’t told many people the news, but that’s because everything has happened quickly. We’re staying in Beaufort, SC, but we are moving out of Charles’s childhood home and into a newer place of our own. Nellah will be moving up to Charleston to be closer to her daughters, and she’ll be selling … Continue reading We Bought a House!!

“Well done, good and faithful servant”

My heart breaks for his family and loved ones as I hear the news that Nabeel Qureshi has gone to be with Jesus, and I even feel a personal loss though I didn’t know the man personally. I have prayed for Nabeel so regularly over the past year–that God would work a miraculous healing in his body–that it is hard to believe that he is … Continue reading “Well done, good and faithful servant”