“Well done, good and faithful servant”

Nabeel Qureshi (1983–2017)

My heart breaks for his family and loved ones as I hear the news that Nabeel Qureshi has gone to be with Jesus, and I even feel a personal loss though I didn’t know the man personally. I have prayed for Nabeel so regularly over the past year–that God would work a miraculous healing in his body–that it is hard to believe that he is actually gone.

Truly, this world has lost a precious man with a soul on fire for God, brilliant and wise, passionately committed to his wife, daughter, and family, undeniably in love with Jesus, willing to sacrifice for the sake of the cross, and zealous about preaching the Truth to a lost world. But our loss is heaven’s gain, and today Nabeel is walking with Jesus pain- and sorrow-free.

God has a purpose even when it is so very difficult for us to comprehend. Nabeel openly and fervently prayed for his own healing, but he also acknowledged that if it were not in God’s plan to physically heal him, that didn’t mean God wasn’t active, sovereign, or able. Let us hold to that truth today.

These words from Ravi Zacharias to Nabeel (during their final time together in May 2017) speak volumes:

“You will be freed to the joy of life where there are no more fears, no more tears, no more hate, no more bloodshed, because you will be with the One who has already shed his blood for you, where love is supreme, grace abounds, and the consummate joy is of the soul. The smile of God awaits you: ‘Well done.’

‘Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has entered into the heart of man, the things that God has prepared for them that love him,’ 1 Corinthians 2:9 promises.

Your eyes will now see and your hands will now touch that which is the only Real estate.”

If you don’t know much about Nabeel’s life, here’s a great article by Justin Taylor at The Gospel Coalition that tells about this wonderful man of God.

In the last year of Nabeel’s life, he recorded a series of videos that chronicle his battle with cancer, his faith in the midst of it, and rich biblical teaching throughout it all. If you didn’t follow his journey live, I would encourage you to read his books and watch his vlogs now. His life was a testimony to the miraculous God we serve.

Michelle, Nabeel, & Ayah (photo from Nabeel’s FB page)

There is an opportunity to support Nabeel’s wife and daughter, Michelle and Ayah, financially after the loss of their dear husband and father. Please lift them up in your prayers, and pray also for Nabeel’s extended family and friends.

Nabeel Qureshi was a strong light in the darkness of this world. I pray that God will continue to use his servant’s testimony even after death. The world needs more people like Nabeel in it.

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