We Bought a House!!

Today was a big day for the Prezalors! We bought a house!


We haven’t told many people the news, but that’s because everything has happened quickly. We’re staying in Beaufort, SC, but we are moving out of Charles’s childhood home and into a newer place of our own.

Nellah will be moving up to Charleston to be closer to her daughters, and she’ll be selling her home (where all three of us live now). This was a best-for-everyone decision, and Nellah is excited for her fresh start as well. And we promise to visit often. =)

We are excited about this new stage in our lives. I am getting back into working (part-time tutoring for now), and Charles LOVES his job working IT at InterDev with the City of Beaufort. We are also hoping that our new home can be a place where, if God allows, we can begin and grow a family. Additionally, we see this home as a place where we can host friends and family for visits and gatherings–we hope this will truly be a place of joy, laughter, and the making of many good memories.

We celebrated tonight with dinner at a Japanese restaurant and spent some time talking about how good and faithful God has been through this time of transition and the whole process of buying a house. We are truly blessed by His provision and presence in our lives.

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