{Foreigner in Formosa} Lee’s Restaurant

It’s funny how distance and travel time are relative. I used to think that driving from KY to NJ and back during a four-day weekend wasn’t so bad (only twelve hours each way), but now the thought of going four and a half hours to Kenting seems like a looooong trip. Maybe it’s because Taiwan is so much smaller than the expansive U.S. of A. Likewise, living in the city has definitely changed my perspective on how far things seem. When I lived in Dashe, we had to drive to everything, so even the “close” restaurants were a good ten minutes by car. Now if I drive ten minutes to a restaurant, it’s “far;” only places we can walk to are “close.” Lee’s Restaurant is one of those ten-minute drives, but it is totally worth it. Continue reading “{Foreigner in Formosa} Lee’s Restaurant”

{Foreigner in Formosa} Two Local Gems

One of the fun parts of living in a foreign country and of moving to any new location is finding the local gems. There are two particular food favorites that we’ve come across within a block from our apartment, and I’d like to share them with you now.

Dan Bing Breakfast Shop

Dan bing (蛋餅) is a sort of egg pancake that is a favorite in Taiwan. Just down the street from our apartment, there is a hopping breakfast shop that specializes in making delicious dan bing. The pancake part is made of onion, tortilla, and egg, and the filling that Charles and I like most is bacon and cheese. We drizzle a bit of special sauce (a little sweet, a little soy, and a little spicy) on top, and we have a delicious breakfast delicacy. Continue reading “{Foreigner in Formosa} Two Local Gems”

{Foreigner in Formosa} Heavenly Hot Pot

Last night, my friend and I went to a hot pot restaurant in town. There are lots of places in Taiwan that serve hot pot; many restaurants offer it as a menu option alongside noodles, dumplings, and other delicacies. At those restaurants, you order a set meal of raw items that come with a boiling pot of broth over an individual burner, and you cook the items in the broth as you please. Many people enjoy ordering hot pot at restaurants like these, but I tend to reserve my hot pot orders for places like the restaurant my friend and I went to last night.

The restaurant we visited is called Shabu-Shabu, and it’s a chain buffet hot pot place. At Shabu-Shabu, you begin by picking your soup or broth. I went with “Health Chicken Soup” (not a typo on my part), and my friend got a tomato soup base for hers. Continue reading “{Foreigner in Formosa} Heavenly Hot Pot”