{Segue} Cleaning out the Cupboards

Part of moving is cleaning out my pantry, kitchen cabinets, and refrigerator. I’m trying to use up what I have already and not buy new items now that I’m less than two months away from the move.

I really didn’t feel like going grocery shopping today, and I didn’t have any of the “usuals” for a meal. So, I perused my canned goods, checked for some recipe ideas online, and came up with a pretty good meal. Continue reading “{Segue} Cleaning out the Cupboards”

{Foreigner in Formosa} Zucchini Treat

“Foreigner in Formosa” is a new series of short posts I’ll be writing about all the things I find winsome, intriguing, and delightful about Taiwan (formerly known as Formosa, meaning “beautiful island” in Portuguese). I aim to show little glimpses of Taiwan with a picture here or an anecdote there, simply sharing life as it comes. I hope you’ll enjoy each new view of this unique and beautiful island.

Zucchini Treat

One of my favorite vegetables is zucchini (or squash), but in four years of living in Taiwan, I have never eaten it here because they don’t normally grow it. Last week, another teacher found it on sale from a local grower and bought some to share. Tonight I sautéed it with potatoes and made fried chicken to go with it. Continue reading “{Foreigner in Formosa} Zucchini Treat”

A Taste of Home

applesauce strainerI love applesauce. In our home when my sisters and I were growing up, we always had a freezer full of homemade applesauce, enough to last all year. Applesauce-making was an all-day family event, and Mom had some special gadgets (like the old-fashioned strainer on the right) to speed up the process.

When I moved to Taiwan, I could not find applesauce in stores anywhere, and I did not have Mom’s “fancy” tools which I thought I needed in order to make my own. So, for a year or two, I was deprived of applesauce altogether. When my longing for the delectable treat finally peaked, I decided to check online to see if there was an easy recipe for homemade applesauce.

Continue reading “A Taste of Home”