Candid Love

While Charles was visiting Taiwan in January, we went out to beautiful Cijin Island to do an engagement photo shoot with Ashleigh Nicole Photography. Ashleigh is my incredibly talented sister who shot and edited the photos, and my other sister, Sara, worked as Ashleigh’s fantastic assistant that day. The backdrop of Cijin Island couldn’t have been more unique and stunning, and the day is a treasure of memories for me Charles and me. This album is just a sampling of the framed and candid moments of love that were captured that day. Continue reading “Candid Love”

Memories for a Lifetime

all smilesToday’s is a blog update via photos. Charles has been here in Taiwan for Christmas vacation, and we’ve had a superb time together so far. We’ve spent time relaxing at home, sightseeing and eating out with friends, and connecting with family (here and afar). Since we have only these three weeks together between now and the wedding this summer, I’m savoring every waking moment. Continue reading “Memories for a Lifetime”

29 Years

29 feels good to me.

30? Well, we’ll see when that hits, but I have a whole year to be 29 first.

And what a year it should be!

It’ll be hard: moving away from Taiwan and saying sad goodbyes, starting life in a new community, adjusting to living with a boy (I hear they can be kinda gross)…

It’ll be glorious: celebrating my wedding with friends and family, starting fresh in a new place with new adventures, sharing life with the man I love.

I am so very excited about the road ahead no matter what twists and turns–exciting or difficult–it will take. But today I’d like to take just a moment to enjoy the journey so far and to celebrate turning 29. Continue reading “29 Years”