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Summer Fun Has Begun!

Charles and I (and my two sisters) have been home with my parents in Baldwinsville, New York for two weeks now. The jet lag has finally worn off, and we're beginning to re-acclimate to American culture. We've done some shopping which is always a fun thing to come home to (you mean I can buy clothing my… Continue reading Summer Fun Has Begun!

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{Segue} One Week!

One week from tomorrow, I will become the Pretzel Lord--ahem--Mrs. Prezalor. I'm not even married yet, but I've already heard the nicknames on repeat--from my middle school students (I tell them that Charles is the "Pretzel Lord," and I'm the "Pretzel Lady") and from friends: "That sounds like 'Praise the Lord!'" It seems like whatever… Continue reading {Segue} One Week!